British Columbia

British Columbia eases requirements for Provincial Nominee
Program – Business Immigration
British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program makes it easier for immigrants willing to establish new businesses in the province. Effective September 1, 2011 the BC PNP has simplified the process to apply in the Business categories by removing the preliminary application stage.

British Columbia is looking for entrepreneurs who can create jobs, stimulate the economy and develop new markets and services. BC PNP Officers look at the applicant’s net worth, business experience and business plan to determine whether the proposal is a match for the province. The success of an application will depend on the applicant’s past management experience, the strength or viability of the business plan and the applicant’s demonstrated ability to implement and carry out the plan.

To further promote business immigration in British Columbia, the provincial government has eased the qualifying criteria required for all three categories of the BC PNP Business Stream. This stream is designed for immigrants who are looking to make an economic investment in the province by establishing a new business or by purchasing and expanding an existing business. By making this investment and demonstrating a commitment to a BC enterprise, eligible nominees’ Canadian Permanent Residency applications will receive priority processing.

Nomination Criteria
Minimum CAN$400,000 to invest in a new business or to develop an eligible business in British Columbia
Minimum personal net worth of CAN$800,000
Must own at least 33.33% of the equity of the business.
Create a minimum of 3 new job opening in the business for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
Sign a performance agreement with the Province of British Columbia.
Possess the skills and experience necessary to establish and operate a business in British Columbia.
The individuals must actively participate in the everyday management of the business.
Must demonstrate a comprehensive business plan
If wishing to participate in the fast track nomination, the individual must sign a deposit agreement with the Province of British Columbia.