A valid job offer is an essential element to support an application for permanent resident status under Federal Skilled Workers Program,  Provincial or Territorial Nominee Programs, while a job offer is must for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and supported with a valid job offer, those applications will get priority processing, or the applicants have a choice to come on a temporary work permit if their profession and relevant experience is consistent with Canadian immigration requirements.

Finding the right job in Canada is important for those are in the Canadian immigration process or even if just thinking about immigration to Canada, or lacking the required minimum points to meet Canadian immigration selection criteria.. CanEmp Canada provides variety of job search, relocation and immigration related services, each service is custom designed to meet our client’s individual needs. While, we play an important role as bridge between the employers and employees, we take care of complete employment and immigration process for our clients, that will make worry free relocation.


Once employment process is complete, we engage the services of our associates highly experienced Canadian Immigration lawyers who are in good standing with a Canadian Provincial or Territorial Law Society or reputed Canadian Immigration Consultants enjoying full membership of ICCRC. and authorized to represent the clients with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canadian Visa Posts. Quebec Immigration, and other departments related to immigration process.


We provide Meet and Assist service at airports as per the prior arrangements made, our representative or an associates will meet at airport to receive the clients and drop off at the booked accommodation. Minimum  a month notice is required to make necessary arrangements for accommodation and meet and assist service, if the arrival is outside the province of Ontario and Quebec.

On clients request we obtain the quotes for temporary accommodation and send to the clients for their acceptance,  upon receipt of client’s approval and initial deposit, the accommodation is booked and confirmation sent to clients before their departure from the origin. For accommodation and meet and assist service, if the arrival is outside the province of Ontario and Quebec, third party services may be used.

If any of the adult family members who has not arranged a job using our placement services before arriving in Canada, we assist to find suitable job in accordance with their qualification and experience where possible or with a second choice, if any.

We are associated with various real estate agencies and do help our new comer clients to rent an apartment or a house of their choice to start with. All new immigrants have equal rights to buy own property, we assist our clients to purchase any type of residential/commercial property, and/or a running business, if they wish to start their own business through our associates in real estate and financial industries, we introduce the clients to reliable financial institutions or banks for all kinds of financing they may require.