The Saskatchewan Immigrant Business Nominee Program (SINP)

Are you interested in immigrating to Saskatchewan to start a business? If you are a business person with 3-5 years of ownership experience and have a personal net worth of $250,000, you may be eligible for assistance.

The SINP Entrepreneur Program was designed for business applicants who have a minimum net worth of $300,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) and are willing to create, acquire, or partner a business in Saskatchewan. These individuals and their families will be granted a permanent residence visa if they comply with Saskatchewan’s requirements. Nomination Requirements

There are five basic requirements of the SINP Entrepreneur Category, that an applicant must satisfy in order to be approved for nomination.

General Requirements
A minimum net worth of $300,000 (CAD). Applicants must be able to demonstrate the existence of this net worth (property, cash, vehicles etc.)
Must be able to show that the net worth was acquired through legal activity
A minimum of three years entrepreneurial or relevant business management experience.
You must show the intention to live and actively invest in Saskatchewan.
A business plan must be prepared as part of the application.

Once approved for nomination, you will be required to:
Conduct an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan
Submit a business proposal and a settlement plan
Deposit CAN$75,000 into a trust account
Have an investment of CAN$150,000 into new business