Welcome To CANEmp Canada

CanEmp Canada is a leading Canadian-owned and operated organization, a reputed one-stop service centre based in Niagara Falls in the province of Ontario in Canada. We assist individuals and business people from all over the world to immigrate to Canada and offer variety of employment and relocation services to settle down anywhere in Canada, and arrange jobs to assist international skilled workers to support their applications to immigrate under various Federal, Provincial and Territorial Programs, and we are proud to acknowledge our network of large number of Employers, Employment and Recruitment agencies all over Canada and clients from various parts of the world. Our firm has years of experience in the industry, and we can utilize that experience and insight to ensure the best possible results,.

We understand the need of our prospective clients from both the employer and employee prospective, our success formula is based on genuinely listening and evaluating individual clients need and ensure that we provide true and honest advice. We have earned excellent reputation for serving our clients, as a result, we enjoy repeat business through our satisfied clients who endorse our reputation to others as a most reliable service provider for immigration, employment and relocation services.

Our in-depth knowledge of national employment trends, local markets, and the personalized approach of our employment experts to help International skilled workers build a rewarding career, while enabling organizations achieve their goals. We excel at matching exceptional candidates with select companies in industries as diverse as financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology, the energy sector. We help Canada’s leading employers achieve their manpower needs through improved access to their most important resource and talent with international experience, whichever sector they are operating in.

Once employment process is complete and/or for those clients who need assistance for their immigration process only, we engage the services of our associates highly experienced Canadian Immigration lawyers who are in good standing with a Canadian Provincial or Territorial Law Society concerned or reputed Canadian Immigration Consultants enjoying full membership of ICCRC. and authorized to represent the clients with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) , Canadian Embassies abroad. Quebec Immigration, and other departments related to immigration process.

As a part of our relocation services, we provide our clients with meet and assist service at airports as per the prior arrangements made, our representative or an associate will meet at airport to receive the clients and drop off at the booked accommodation. On clients request we obtain the quotes for temporary accommodation and upon receipt of client’s approval, the accommodation is booked and confirmation sent to clients before their departure from the origin. For accommodation and meet and assist services arrangements, if the arrival is outside the province of Ontario and Quebec, third party services may be used.

  • We provide true and honest advice to our clients regardless of outcome
  • We consistently deliver proven results in the most time efficient manners possible
  • We establish equitable, lasting and valuable client relationship
  • We promote our reputation by clients satisfaction, the highest quality standard in consulting and advice
  • Our associates Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants and Canadian Immigration Lawyers lead the industry in best practice methods through time tested proven results.
Who do we work with ?

We at CanEmp Canada beside working with employers directly,  also use the services of other Employment Agencies, Recruitment Agencies almost in every province and territory in order to take advantage of the contacts of these local agencies in their respective areas and provide speedy services to our clients

Our associates Canadian Immigration Lawyers and Canadian Immigration Consultants are highly qualified in the industry to handle all immigration matters of our clients.

We are also associated with various real estate agencies and do help our new comer clients to rent an apartment or a house of their choice to start with. All new immigrants have equal rights to buy own property, we provide appropriate guidance to our clients to purchase any type of residential/commercial property, and/or a running business if they wish to start their own business through our associates in the real estate and financial industries, we introduce the clients to major financial institutions or banks for all kinds of financing they may require.

CanEmp Canada is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its clients, and other stakeholders, as we value the trust of those whom we deal with, and to maintain this trust the organization upholds high standards for the protection and integrity of all our clients