Yukon Business Nominee Program

The province of Yukon is seeking people with entrepreneurial skills who can participate in Yukon’s business community and help expand and diversify our economy. Yukon will be of particular interest to those persons who savour the outdoors and want to be part of the future development of the territory.

The Yukon Business Nominee Program operates under an agreement with the Government of Canada and allows the Government of Yukon to nominate for immigration to Canada those individuals with proven business skills who want to live in Yukon, and who want to own and operate a business and make a significant contribution to the community.

Yukon Business Nominee Program is not an “investment program”, but participants are required to contribute money to their business to ensure its viability. For individuals who are interested in making passive investments, the Government of Canada offers an immigrant investor program.

Eligibility Requirements :
Have a minimum of five (5) years of senior management or direct entrepreneurial experience in a business similar to the one proposed. The immigrant entrepreneur will be required to submit a resume or CV (curriculum vitae), letters of recommendation, financial statements and other documents to support his/her experience.(Working as a manager or an employee in a corporation does not necessarily provide skills to own and operate your own business.)
Have a minimum net worth of CDN$250,000, including minimum liquid assets of CDN$150,000. Liquid assets include, for example: cash, demand deposits with a financial institution, term deposits, tax shelters convertible to cash, and readily marketable investments including publicly traded stocks and bonds.
Have visited Yukon at least once, and, as a consequence, have an understanding of Yukon’s business and social environment. Business applicants must meet with one of the program’s officers in the Business and Industry Development Branch during this visit.
Can demonstrate reasonable communication skills in one of Canada’s official languages in order to operate a business in Yukon.